Perth. Australia - Bringing Glamour back - Eddie and a make shift garage studio

When I think of Eddie these are the words that come to mind. Happy - Fun - Gorgeous - Hilarious - Beautiful - Confident and someone who is a Fabulous Friend. I've known Eddie for over 15 years now so I can say these words confidently. It is her enthusiasm for life, adventure and self confidence that I love about her. I asked to take her picture. Sometimes.... it's not easy to have your picture taken. You might feel vulnerable at first. Or a little nervous. Sometimes when I take a woman's picture I see a flicker of self doubt. She often has no idea how beautiful she is at that very moment. Knowing Eddie as I do I was surprised to see this flicker.

It was just a flicker but I understood. We talked about how skinny we were back 'in the day'. Myself I have recently moved countries to come back home and started this new venture to becoming a photographer. The road, so far, has been .... a roller coaster. It's exciting and nerve wracking trying something new and unfortunately along this road I have put on a little... or a lot of weight in the process. So when I saw this flicker I knew exactly how she felt. I also knew that I could quickly change her perception. 

Oh my gosh we laughed so much while taking these! Eddie was the most fabulous model, stepping into my make shift garage studio and making it look good.

Oh and Eddie and I have a combined LOVE for snow. There is something about snow that is a little mischievous. Snow is gorgeous! It's a fun adventure, promotes laughter and good times - kind reminds me of Eddie :) 

"My photos look stunning! THANK YOU" - Edina Boross

"My photos look stunning! THANK YOU" - Edina Boross