Cape 2 Cape MTB - Day 1

Have you ever heard of the Cape 2 Cape? No? Think 220km from Augusta to Dunsbough in the south of Western Australia.... 4 days .... on a bike!

Do you know a rider in the event?? Click this link to view the gallery and use DOWNLOAD PIN 9725 to download images.

Meet 3/4 of our team pictured here looking mildly enthusiastic not having a clue as to what lay ahead.

Simon: always wore dark colours. Trained for approximately 2 months. Bought a new $3000.oo bike for the event. Most expensive bike in our team. Carbon fibre and all that fancy stuff. Had an unfortunate bout of gastro two days before the start.

Next we have Craig. Craig is pictured standing next to Jay. Both trained on the bridal trail leading from Glen Forrest to Mundaring. Only rode 50km back to back once before the event. 

Jay. Instigator to enter the event. Bike enthusiast he also did the odd spin class while working away on his FIFO roster. Brought two bikes to the event just in case.

An finally meet Chris. Convinced by Jay to enter the event after a particularly good spin class whilst working away. No other training. 

The race started here in the gorgeous surrounds of Augusta. The pack was about to leave this coastal town and head up a dusty track, up inclines known as hamstring hill and onwards towards The Farm.

The Farm where we as spectators had a clear view of the riders coming through. Their faces covered in mud, exhaustion from some and crowd pleasing wheelies from others. Adults and kids stood cheering on the riders - waving flags and streamers and clanging a cow bell. This was my favourite spectator point as the crowd cheered, the riders gave us high fives and fist pumps! 

From here they didn't have long to go until the finish line at the end of the first day.

The morning of day one I got these of our team staying at the campsite together for a before photo.... you know the one where they are smiling and excited... maybe a little bit nervous about what lies ahead. That photo where their eyes are full of energy, wonder and excitement for what is to come. 

Jay - before and after ... absolutely knackered.

Chris still smiling at the end of day one.

Day one... yeah ... that was a bit harder than expected eh Craig

Simon ahh... you've got a little dirt... on your face 

Meet Rowdy and Matty. Both rode without gloves, bikes worth about $500, trained for about 6 weeks prior and didn't even own lycra let alone wear anything aerodynamic. Exhausted, weary and successfully made it through the first day.