I invite you to a photo shoot with me, to see yourself in a whole new light.


Design your own Portrait session. Make it a special day by inviting your Mum, your daughters or have a girls day out with your closest friends. Maybe you want something for yourself, make this something special...just for you.

Celebrate your birthday at 30, 40, 50 or 80! Celebrate your relationships with your family. Celebrate being single. Celebrate getting married. Celebrate your pregnancy.



I left with an enormous feeling of self worth. I felt FANTASTIC! Maree did that.
— Marilyn Scott. Sixty and Sensational
I look so glam, thanks Maree. I love them!
— Eva Matheson. Super Mum to two beautiful boys.
At first I was a little nervous but I soon forgot about all that. When I saw the image my immediate reaction was WOW!!
I had never seen myself look that way.
— Tina Charles. Psychologist and roller derby enthusiast
Glamour Portrait | Best portrait photographer in Perth | Maree Aldred photographer

Maree Aldred


Maree Aldred Photographer | Glamour | Portrait Photography

Glamour Portraits

When was the last time you felt absolutely beautiful in photographs? Do you have a photograph of yourself that you just love? Glamour Portrait sessions are about celebrating your kind of beauty and empowering women to be their most confident selves. How would you like to be photographed?

Corporate Portrait | Maree Aldred Photographer | Corporate

Love your corporate


Be proud to show the image of you on your website, LinkedIN and Facebook profiles. Feel confident about your marketing. Let's take an image that is the best version of yourself. LOVE your corporate image.

Corporate Portrait | Maree Aldred Photographer | Corporate

Relax & feel pampered

Come and relax in the hands of our extremely talented and experienced stylists. There is something about getting your hair and make-up done that makes you feel fantastic. It's not just about feeling beautiful, it's about feeling like you can take on the world.




Be your kind of beautiful


A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it
— Edward Steichen

When was the last time you felt it? That overwhelming sense of awe when you realise, this moment is one that I’ll never forget.

Well, that’s my life. It’s one full of passion, adventure and unforgettable moments

My love of adventure has seen me spend the past 10 years travelling the world, eating sensational foods, developing new passions and of course, falling in love… with the snow.

To me, the snowy mountains will always hold a piece of my heart. Not only are they a constant reminder of the beauty and power of mother nature, but the home of one of my greatest passions as well, snowboarding.

It is sport full of excitement, boundary pushing challenges and a sport that has taken to me some of the most beautiful places in the world. Thanks to snowboarding, I’ve not only witnessed some spectacular landscapes, but I’ve also developed some truly amazing friendships over unforgettable hiking trips, backyard jib sessions and late night talks around camp fires.

It’s these extraordinary experiences and relationships that have, more than anything, influenced me as a photographer. Whether it’s inside or outside of my work, I love being able to capture precious stories and experiences so that moments and memories that would otherwise pass by can be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

Every time I see someone come alive in front of my camera, or their face light up when they realise just how beautiful they are at their reveal, my desire to work with and inspire those on the other side of my camera grows.

That’s me. I’m the kind of person that sees the light in everything and is fascinated by it; from the way it filters through falling snow to look like diamonds in the sky, to the way it illuminates a West Australian sunset with extraordinarily vibrant colours. I see the beauty in everything, and I can see it in you.


And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
— Louis Armstrong
It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are
— Paul Caponigro

How would you like to be photographed?


A single photograph has the power to capture beyond what the eyes can see. It can tell your story, capture your feelings and express your unique beauty. To capture the true spirit of a moment of time, your photo shoot must be a unique experience tailored to you.

Whether there’s someone special you would like to share the experience and be photographed with, an ideal outfit you’d like to wear, a favourite hairstyle you’d like to flaunt, or a specific mood, feeling or story you’d like to capture, I want to work with you to design your perfect shoot.

Every Maree Aldred photo shoot package includes:

  • A personal design consultation;
  • A professional pre-shoot hair and makeup session;
  • An exclusive magazine style photo shoot;
  • An exciting reveal session;
  • And if course, the smile you wear when you walk away with all your amazing prints and memories.


Once you’re ready to book your photo shoot it’s time to bring your dream to life.

Creative session booking fee $275
The booking fee allows you to secure your photo shoot date with Maree Aldred and her creative team, a design consultation and reveal session.  

Wall art starts at $165.00

Folio boxes start at $700.00
Folio boxes are a collection of your favourite images to take home, cherish and share with generations to come.

Images are available in the following collections:

  • 6 image folio box
  • 12 image folio box + mini gift book
  • 20 image folio box + wall print + mini book

Mini gift book exclusive to mid and large packages
If you purchase a mid or large package, you will receive a complimentary mini gift book which can be gifted to friends or family or personally cherished for years to come.

*The digital negatives of all purchased products are included in an online gallery to download and share with family and friends.

Corporate portrait start at $250.00
This package secures your half hour mini shoot with Maree Aldred. You can add a  selection of extras to your shoot at an additional cost.

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